Stranger House

Netflix and TM1 Agency. 
Art Director and Designer.
Stranger House, a large-scale event held in São Paulo, served as a grand spectacle to promote the highly anticipated second season of the hit series. As the art director, I played a pivotal role in overseeing the creative vision and execution of the event. With three sprawling floors of immersive environments meticulously designed to replicate the eerie and nostalgic world of Stranger Things, fans were transported into a larger-than-life experience that heightened their connection to the show. From the meticulously recreated sets to the attention to detail in props and costumes, every element was carefully crafted to ensure fidelity with the series and provide an unforgettable experience for fans. 
The event's grandeur and attention to detail not only generated significant buzz but also solidified Stranger Things' position as a cultural phenomenon, fuelling anticipation for the new season and leaving a lasting impression on attendees.
The Stranger House event marked a significant milestone as the first immersive experience opened to fans in Brazil.
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