Sounds of the Street Festival
PT: Festival Sons da Rua

São Paulo Government and Inhaus Agency. 
Art Director and Designer.
​​​​​​​As the junior art director of "Sons da Rua," a significant event for the periphery of São Paulo, I had the privilege of creating a new brand that aimed to empower and provide opportunities for local rappers to showcase their talent. With a focus on accessibility and inclusivity, "Sons da Rua" became a platform for aspiring artists to gain exposure and collaborate with some of Brazil's biggest rap stars.
My role was to develop a compelling brand identity that resonated with the target audience while reflecting the essence of the event. Through research and collaboration with the team, I crafted a brand that captured the energy, creativity, and raw talent of the local rap scene. From the logo design to the visual elements and marketing materials, every aspect was thoughtfully crafted to align with the aspirations and dreams of the participating artists.
"Sons da Rua" became a transformative event that not only provided a stage for emerging rappers but also facilitated invaluable opportunities for them to record in professional studios alongside renowned Brazilian rap artists. With collaboration, mentorship, and artistic growth, the event served as a catalyst for the local rap community, offering them a chance to shine and share their stories with a wider audience.
The project celebrated the vibrant talent of the periphery but also highlighted the power of art and music in creating positive change within communities. 
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