Pequenos NativoZ
EN: Little Natives

São Paulo Government and Cult Cultura. 
Co-creator, Art Director and Illustrator
The project consists of an interactive visual novel game, that allows gamers to choose between multiple options the story can be led to. It’s important to mention that this project has won a São Paulo government investments program. 
The game was inspired by mythological elements from Brazil, especially the indigenous ones. 
To be released in December 2021, the game has had a significant contribution from my work, since I've played not only as an art director, character developer, and background/environment developer but also as the main illustrator itself.
In the game’s cover poster, the heroes are portrayed in the middle of the forest looking for the Mapinguari. Since one of the main goals to be achieved in this game is meeting different Brazilian regions, finding Mapinguari is essential to understand a bit better about an alliance between myths and human beings. 
An antihero, Mappinbari can be seen in this first illustration hidden from the ones that are looking for them, because he’s far from a human’s big fan. This is a monster, but also a very relevant creature inside the mythical stories. 
The game is made of seven scenarios, and all of them are essential for gamers to get a glimpse of how environments are relevant to each one of the characters' development. As a color palette, green shades were chosen, and the whole thing is then monochromatic.
Based on a public school, the main character is seen talking to his friends, and multiple elements are explored, so the gamer sees a bit of São Paulo’s classroom environment. Such as local memes on the walls and the call for a traditional high school national exam. A few easter eggs can be found in this image, and a few items and structural improvements that, even though not present in Sao Paulo schools yet, would make students' lives better and more inclusive if they did. 
It's important to mention that the game was carefully designed so that people with different kinds of deficiencies can enjoy it, such as daltonic and blind gamers. 
This second scenario also represents the forest, with typical animals, plants, and flowers from the Amazon Forest. While looking for Mapinguari, the characters have a dialogue and end up finding more about the national fauna and flora.
This second scenario also represents the forest, with typical animals, plants, and flowers from the Amazon Forest. While looking for Mapinguari, the characters have a dialogue and end up finding more about the national fauna and flora.
The main character is at the movies, watching his favorite superhero movie. The place gets portrayed dynamically, filled with easter eggs. And not only international superheroes can be seen on the background's posters, but also very typically Brazilian ones. 
Curious eyes will be able to find multiple references to pop culture at the same time they learn more about Brazilian legends.
Inside the main player's bedroom, the gamer can see multiple elements and easter eggs. This is the place where all research happens as well, and where the gamer finds out about how to achieve the goals.

Hairs of fire, body and protective utensils with his battle staff with sharp point at the bottom, his belt, braces and anklets made of wood and forest plants and with his body painting of the ancient woods. When he has to protect the forest or if he is in a battle his foot stay behind when they are in battle or using their powers to throw off their enemies.

Hair inspired by the hair of our indigenous people with body paintings of Brazilian indigenous tribes, her eyes that shine when caipora uses her powers. Her staff evokes its powers in other animals and frightens humans who want to harm them and sacred and bodily utensils which are made with leaves of Coccoloba, the largest plant in the Amazon.

Afro hair, black skin, able to transform into an eagle. She wears bandanas from all her previous battles, and also mystical items like bracelets, hair clips, and a coat. These elements turn into different parts of a bird when the mutations happen. One of her main duties is protecting all birds and she's the most experienced one among the heroes.

The legend says that she's a mixture of Brazilian myths and European ones. She's portrayed as a blond overweight character, which makes her slightly different from the original character's oversexualized physical stereotypes. She wears mystical ancestors' bracelets, and as a sealife's protector, her clothes also remind us about marine elements. As a mermaid, she's able to act as vigilant and repel threatening people from hurting sea animals and the ocean.
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