Personal Project

Art Director and Illustrator
In this personal project, developed during the beginning of the current pandemic period, I took the time to create an experimental series of graphic novels’ covers. The first edition focuses on portraying some phases of the pandemic through a fictional perspective.

The first episode explores the actions required at this initial and still kind of unknown phases, such as washing hands, cleaning surfaces, and not gathering. While the virus surrounds the main character and the world seems to be living an apolitical reality, it was also when people found out the importance of self-isolation, hygiene, and of course cooperation. 
That’s when a ‘not so new’ superweapon was more needed than ever, and the main character carries it around intending to save the World. In the place of the destruction bombs, guns, and grenades, soup bombs were the only effective tool to guarantee a better tomorrow.
The second edition already brings up hope while introducing the existence of a vaccine under development. As soon as a scientist from a Brazilian lab came up with a solution to extinguishing coronavirus soldiers, CoronaVac hero was born. Together with his shield to help science against the pandemic soldiers.

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