I love you
enough to 
love me.

Sydney Stern
Illustrator and Art Director
"I love you enough to love me" is an illustrated children’s book written by a mother to her daughter. In a ludic and special way, the author's main goal was not only getting in touch with her own child but also encouraging other parents to give the same importance to this relationship, and its possible impacts on long-term emotional health.
Through "I love you enough to love me", parents can better explore the idea of how essential it is to children's development that the adults responsible for them are also capable of loving themselves first. Only then, children are more likely to do the same and begin nourishing a relation of self-love and respect for themselves.
Aimed at all parents and kids between 3 and 10 years old, the book has as its main goal raising awareness towards self-acceptance and its importance to relationships based on independence and harmony. Just as much as exploring the beauty of being exactly who we are, regardless of any sort of physical differences and personality.

This was the first illustration and the one that led all the others to be developed. The color and the design, consisting of backgrounds with lines, shadows, and light, are meant to help readers focus on the main elements (mother and daughter), the ones that are filled with colours, texture, and more details.
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