Burning Man
Art Director and Illustrator
This project was developed for one of the stages of one of the most popular electronic music festivals in the world Burning Man Multiverse 2020. 

My work was to create a visual identity for the Brazilian stage Irupé, at this stage was built virtually with inspiration from the Tupi-Guarani indigenous legends of the Victoria Regia plant that explains the origin of the aquatic plant that is the symbol of the Amazon. The native legend is that the Victoria Regia plant is originally an indigenous woman who drowned after leaning into the river to try and kiss the reflection of the moon. For the indigenous people, the moon was Jaci (god), with whom the indigenous woman was in love. In the creation of the play

For the whole project, I brought the Indigenous girl, the moon (Jaci) at different times, and the plant itself in the middle of the Black Rock City desert where the festival originally took place.

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