After a long nonstop working time, I've come up with a universe, ancestor space, where a frog's kingdom existed. Everything about this place was harmonic and balanced, and the frog was successful in protecting it just the way it was. At least until this Frog King gets too acquainted with menkind, and becomes a malevolous kind of leader.
A wizard then begins looking for knowledge to achieve e restore a natural balance and finds out that answers to his questions might be somewhere in ancient ruins.

This mystical scenario contains elements that at first sight might trick the eyes, the devil's head actually symbolizes the fountain of self-knowledge and development. Not what most people expect from a diabolical figure. On the top of a mountain, a native little guy explores reality while enjoying an astonishing view, with nature, and a perspective from other planets.
The King Frog’s greed begins causing imbalances to the environment where he is in. The way he wants to leave, mostly inspired and influenced by mankind's way of life, does not come without high costs to all the nature around him.
A native person is then recruited to try reverting the damages caused by this king. And by finding a mystical portal, he might have had access to an ancient solution to these issues.
A skeleton is seen in a region full of chemicals and toxic fluorescent liquids. It's its duty then to avoid this destruction to get out of control and reach other worlds, such as the upper world and middle world.
He is a warrior and his sword, made of a corrosive liquid, is capable of fighting bad-intentioned people that desperately want access to such powerful mass-destruction substances.
I illustrated to be the cover of a book, the scenario portrays a reality in which socialism is appreciated in all its instances.
The place, even though still ruled by a king, is capable of ensuring that its citizens live exclusively from what they cultivate, and nourish with attention and love, while nature and its elements live in peaceful harmony.
A time portal in the middle of an unknown land gets opened each one hundred years. And each time that happens, it happens because of a woman.
This woman with the ability to control time and knowledge then comes from other worlds and gets the portal opened. Her goal is to enlighten a few people with a higher consciousness. Such knowledge is also focused on guiding society on what changes that must happen to restore or create a better time cycle.

A scenario about the very first minute of existence from the Solar System and life as we know it, a moment also known as the Big Bang.
A futuristic scenario in which machines took control of planet earth. Since everything natural gets replaced by artificial and robotic structures, there’s no more real and original trees, plants, and animals to contemplate.
A little warrior then shows up to defeat the unnatural, and restore life as its origin if possible.
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