Personal Project

Art Director and Illustrator
In this personal project, a feminist character living in a dystopic future sees herself on an essential mission after men steal a travel machine to extinguish women's achievements throughout history from the planet.
The machine, originally developed by the women in the future gets finally fixed by themselves, and the time travelers arrive at Carulini's parallel reality of which nature and society live in harmony. A modern but still very connected to its ancient roots from that place.
Since she looks significantly different from the people in this new timeline, she gets recruited to help these women from the future society to defeat the men that are in the past, looking forward to destroying the machine and the women humanty history.

This is the place where “Carulini”, together with her cat Gatuxo, lives. Is illustrated as modern and still very harmonic, completely in balance with nature.
A few statues and passage temples symbolise knowledge centers that connect people with ideas of ancestors and sustainable development.
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